Starting a manufacturing unit or industrial company can be a lengthy process and is best done by an expert. Basically, industrial licenses are issued to organizations that convert natural resources or raw materials to finished goods.

If you want to start a company in Dubai with an aim to produce or manufacture new products, semi-manufactured products or even fully manufactured products then follow the below steps.

Here is how you can start an industrial company in Dubai & acquire an industrial trade license:

  • Firstly, you will have to choose an appropriate activity in terms of manufacturing a product.
  • After choosing the right activity, you need to choose a reliable local UAE partner (Sponsor) for the company setup.
  • Submit documents to the Department of Economic Development -DED in Dubai for getting name approval and initial approval also called as Pre-approval.
  • After attaining the name & initial approval, the customer needs to sign the Memorandum of Association – MOA with the notary public along with the UAE local sponsor.
  • Once the MOA is signed, you need to get a NOC from the Ministry of Economy to get clearance for your industrial project. This will also involve the submission of the documents.
  • You also need to opt for a proper warehouse to establish your manufacturing plant.
  • At this stage, you can get the tenancy contract and Ejari from the landlord of the warehouse.
  • Also, to get an industrial license in Dubai you will need to take approval from the Dubai municipality’s planning department.
  • After the required process is done and the approvals are received, you can submit the documents to the environment department for industrial clearance.
  • You are required to get a NOC from the civil defense.
  • In some circumstances, you will also have to get approval from the external departments. These are for selected manufacturing units – such as approval from food control if the manufacturing of food products, the narcotics department for chemical production, or even from Dubai Police if you plan to manufacture jewelry.
  • After getting all approval you can now submit all the papers to the Department of Economic Development -DED in Dubai to get your industrial trade license in Dubai.