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Our Bank Assistance Services in Dubai

Business entities and high-net-value individuals from various nationalities strive to open a bank account in Dubai as well as in other parts of the UAE. There are numerous formalities to open a UAE business bank account.With Hashmi Business Setup Services, opening bank account in Dubai for non-residents or corporate entities becomes extremely easy. Hashmi Business Setup Services aids you through the right banks in the region that offer low tariffs on banking facilities, simplified reporting system, high quality of services and competitive fees.To have an account in the best bank in Dubai or to know about any of the UAE banks or offshore banking services, speak to our business setup consultants.

Choosing the Hashmi Business Setup Services is the Best Solution for a company set up in Dubai with 15 yrs. experience in Dubai. The Most Affordable, Easy, and Trustworthy.

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PRO Services By Hashmi Business Setup Services

  1. Approvals from government agencies
  2. Approval of Trade name
  3. Court Agreement letter / Notary
  4. Typing LLC contract (Arabic and English)
  5. Embassy paperwork
  6. Civil defence paperwork
  7. Municipality paperwork
  8. Labour department paperwork
  9. Immigration department paperwork
  10. Economic department paperwork
  11. Certificate attestation
  12. Legal translation
  13. UAE business license services
  14. Contract clearance
  15. Services for visa processing
  16. Visa amendment
  17. Labour card and immigration card renewal
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