Dubai Start Business in UAE @ 5500 AED


By | August 22, 2020

Commercial Trade License

Commercial Trade license in Dubai, UAE A commercial trade license is issued to a company involved in any sort of commercial trade activity. Both general traders as well as specialized traders can avail a commercial license in Dubai and...

By | August 22, 2020

Tourism License

Tourism License In Dubai UAE is a leading tourism hub and has a high demand for tourism related businesses UAE is a leading tourism hub and has a high demand for tourism business licenses in the region. Tourism trade...

By | August 13, 2020

Industrial Trade License

Industrial trade license in Dubai, UAE Manufacturing enterprises and industrial companies are required to have an industrial license in the UAE. Industrial trade licenses are issued by the Department of Economic Development. Approvals from the Finance and Industry Ministry...

By | August 13, 2020

Professional License

Professional license in Dubai, UAE A service-oriented company depends on a professional’s skill. This is why specialists and professionals need to acquire a UAE professional trade license in order to have a business setup in the UAE. UAE professional licenses are...