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Industrial trade license in Dubai, UAE

Manufacturing enterprises and industrial companies are required to have an industrial license in the UAE. Industrial trade licenses are issued by the Department of Economic Development. Approvals from the Finance and Industry Ministry along with permissions from other judiciaries are mandate. Industrial licenses in the UAE are valid for a definite period subject to compliance with the conditions mentioned during the issuance.

Industrial Trade License is issued to organizations that convert natural resources or alter raw materials. This alteration can be in terms of structure and appearance with the aim to produce or manufacture new products, semi-manufactured products or even fully manufactured products. These activities mainly imply production, segregating, accumulation, packaging, etc. Industrial trade license obligates the company to have a physical warehouse inside the country. If you need to know more about an industrial license in the UAE call Hashmi Business Setup Services.

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Advantages Of Industrial Trade License in Dubai

Provides with preliminary analysis before applying for industrial license

Creating business opportunities from reliable and trustworthy sources

Safeguards revenue transaction and proceeding through judicial intervention

An industrial license welcomes further investors and consumers

Globalized business community & modern industrial infrastructure

World-class telecommunications & E-governance system

Sophisticated financial intercessions & services sectors